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Youth Baseball | YMCA of Corsicana



Come learn the skills of America’s pasttime while having fun! Our baseball is a recreational program designed to introduce and develop the skills in the game with an emphasis on sportsmanship and team building.

For more information on any of our youth sports programs, use the menu links or email


Registration Deadline








Details – Corsicana YMCA Premier Baseball Association

Dixie Youth Baseball Affiliated Teams may qualify for District, Regional & State Tournaments


Coach Pitch

Kid Pitch

Ages 4-6

Ages 7-8

Ages 9-10 ; 11-12 ; 13-14

Registration Deadline

Spring: Feb 26, 2023

Fall: August 19, 2023

$60 Members
$100 Program Participants

Sibling discounts and financial aid available.

Please fill out both forms below:
Financial Assistance Form

Youth Sports Registration Form

Location Stuart J. Beebe Athletic Complex

Game Schedules

For game schedules and updates go to and click on the desired sport.