The YMCA Mentoring Program provides referred students of Navarro County a Volunteer Mentor to share a 1 to 1 mentoring relationship.  The match meets at the student’s school, the YMCA, or can attend community outings.  Students may be referred by any adult that feels the student would benefit from a YMCA Mentor.  Parent’s, students, and mentors are interviewed for the program by the Program Director.  Our volunteer mentors are people who work and live in Navarro County.  The Mentor’s are adults, college, and high school students, retirees, and members of congregations or civic organizations.  The Mentor’s must pass a background and reference check before being matched with a student.  The match agrees to stay together for at least one year and participates in various activities like eating lunch or dinner together, tutoring, playing board games, playing a sport at the YMCA, talking, cooking, researching colleges, and carrers, attending Mentoring parties and going to the movies.  The goal of the YMCA OF CORSICANA Mentoring Program is to provide students with a friend to improve their quality of living and build a strong foundation for their future.


If you would like to volunteer as a mentor or need a mentor you can download the applications or please contact 

Mentor Application

Student Application