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Board of Directors

 The Board of Directors is the primary and legal authority of the YMCA of Corsicana, deriving its powers from the Articles of Incorporation under the corporate laws of the State of Texas. All other boards, committees, councils and task forces receive their authority by delegation of this board. Professional staff members serve as assigned by the President and give appropriate leadership to carry out the work of the Association, implement the policies of the organization, help achieve corporate goals and objectives. Staff and volunteer leaders work jointly to meet the goals and corporate objectives of the Association; this relationship is reflected in policy formulation, determination, interpretation, and execution.

Board of Directors-2020

Courtney Drain, CVO/President

Michael Landers, President-Elect

Dr. John W. Smith, Vice President

Fred Biltz, Treasurer

Jon Ingham, Secretary

Shade Boulware

Cathy Branch

Robert Gegenheimer

Jason Grant

Rusty Hitt

Mark Jordan

Curt Junkins

Kenya Landers

Danzell Lee

Lee Lewis

Larry Morrison

Cody Muldner

Dr. James Price

Carol Thomson

Judy Vinson

Chris Woolsey